Emotional Outburst Of NC, Stunt To Befool People: Mehbooba

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party chief Mehbooba Mufti Thursday lashed out at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s  statement in which while emphasizing achievements gained by government he had said, “those who have covered their eyes with black glasses see only dark” Mehbooba said, “ NC’s exhibition of emotions outbursts is nothing but a stunt to befool the people”.

Mehbooba alleged, “It was NC which compromised with the chair of CM ship in 1953 just for the sake of power. They are the people who sold Autonomy again just for grabbing the power”, said Mehbooba while talking to news agency KNS.
Mehbooba said, “NC’s slogan for Armed force special power act (AFSPA) revocation is another joke that they now a day are playing with the people. But in reality they are not sincere regarding anything.”

Mehbooba accused, “When in a working group meeting held at new Delhi we tried to took up the matter of reduction of troops but Farooq Abdullah countered us at that time saying that PDP should first give up their security which is a clear indication of their insincerity and double standard.”

Talking on protests being held by PHE employees yesterday Mehbooba blamed, “Allowing back door appointments and then expelling the same is a vote bank tactic in the hands of National Conference. She alleged NC created new posts but expel the existing employees just to gain scores for the upcoming elections”.

The PDP president said, “Due to the ‘inefficiency ‘of the government, J&K was heading towards a big danger. “Over the past four years, governance and political process have been the biggest casualties. The approach of the government is pushing people to the wall. The people, especially youth, are left with no option other than to resort to violence,” she said.

Commenting on Power Crises Mehbooba said, “Even after a 78 per cent record increase in power tariff, the supply position has touched an all-time low. The power situation has slopped almost back to the pre-2002 situation when we used to have a one-hour supply a day. All the improvement brought about between 2002 and 2008 has been undone” she said

“When PDP came on roads for Power crises people thought that it is a PDP’s political fight with NC but now people are understood that the government has failed to provide even the small necessities. She however expressed confidence that the people were the best judges of right and wrong and they now know from the experience of the last four years how a well meaning government that held itself accountable to people could bring change in their lives”.


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