Employees pitch for enactment of National Food Security Act

KL Report


Stating that Food Security Bill in Jammu and Kashmir is not feasible as it would lead to a major cut in State’s subsidized ration quota, the government employees during a protest demonstration in Press Enclave Srinagar Thursday said that execution of Food Security Bill will cut subsidized ration to people living Below Poverty Line (BPL).

Leading the protest demonstration, president, Employees Joint Action Committee (A), Ajaz Ahmed Khan said that, “If the bill is applied to the State, people falling in Below Poverty Line (BPL) will not get subsidized ration which would further worsen the situation.” Khan added that if this bill is implemented in Jammu and Kashmir, more than 60% ration card holders living Above Poverty Line (APL) will become redundant.

“Jammu and Kashmir is only state, where the implementation of Food security bill, will result in loss to the people rather than benefit,” Ajaz Ahmed Khan said adding that it would be feasible for the Union Government to implement National Food Security Act all over India.

The government employees carrying placards and banners also demanded release of 17% DA and regularization of casual labourers. The protestors also lashed out at Power Development Department for its proposal to unbundle or privatize the power sector.

Meanwhile, government employees headed by EJAC (K) president Khan Mushtaq also staged a protest in Srinagar in favour of their demands including the release of 17% DA, shelving of PDD privatization proposal and regularization of daily rated workers.


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