Enforcement Directorate inspected Feroz Son exports, not Al Khuddam: JKAHUC


Reacting sharply to the news reports that appeared in a section of media, the Jammu and Kashmir Association of Hajj and Umrah Companies (JKAHUC) on Saturday said that the inspection carried out by Enforcement Directorate at Ferozson Exports was deliberately linked to Al Khuddam Hajj and Umrah Services to malign the company and to create chaos in the minds of aspiring Hajis.

Addressing a presser in Srinagar, the president of the association said that the ED was routinely performing its duty and checking the records of Ferozson Exports. However, it was reported that the ED had raided Al Khuddam Hajj and Umrah services, unfortunately.

The president said that although the director of Al Khuddam Hajj and Umrah Services is also one of the directors of Ferozson Exports, the companies are separate entities and work from different locations and the two have nothing to do with each other.

He said the ED has a right to carry out such inspections, but, ironically a section of National Media immediately linked it to ‘terror funding’, which is very unfortunate.

Coming down heavily on the media houses who launched a sinister campaign against Al Khuddam, the president said that the Union and State governments should advise media to report with sincerity and on facts without indulging in character assassination.



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