Er Rasheed asks Dineshwar Sharma to apprise PM Modi about apprehensions on 35A


Independent lawmaker and MLA langate Er Rasheed on Saturday met Dineshwar Sharma and apprised him about the serious concerns and apprehensions of Kashmiris over Article 35A.

Er Rasheed appealed Dineshwar Sharma that being appointed as interlocutor by central government on Kashmir, he is duty bound to meet Narinder Modi and apprise him about that concerns and apprehensions of people of Jammu and Kashmir over the conspiracies being hatched against Article 35-A and other related provisions of Indian constitution granting special status to J&K.

Er Rasheed made it clear to Dineshwar Sharma that Kashmiris are not fighting for restoration or protection of Autonomy but want Kashmir issue to be resolved through plebiscite.

Er Rasheed said that since New Delhi through its proxies is dragging Article 35-A to Supreme Court as such it becomes a compulsion and duty of every citizen of the state to protect the special status of state.

Er Rasheed said: “Article 35A, Article 370 and other similar provisions are not any favour to Kashmiris but Indian state had its own compulsions to incorporate these temporary provisions for the fact that J&K’s accession to Indian union was temporary.”

“The debate over  article 35-A is not a legal issue but the whole controversy has been carefully drafted with political purposes and to avoid any charges over  itself central government has used its proxies by dragging 35-A and other similar provisions to supreme court,” Er Rasheed.

“Let New Delhi resolve Kashmir issue once for all and all these articles can be discussed later on, if the situation then demands so,” he said.

Er  Rasheed appealed Dineshwar Sharma to ask New Delhi to understand the significance of resolving Kashmir issue and should not indulge in diverting attention from the real issues.

Er Rasheed also expressed his deep concern over the deteriorating condition of detunes lodged in different jails and sought release of all political prisoners lodged in various jails, so that a concrete dialogue for resolution of Kashmir dispute is started without further delay.


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