Er Rasheed Lashes Out at ‘National Media’ for its ‘Double Standards’



Er Rasheed
Er Rasheed

MLA Langate Er Rasheed Tuesday said that the much hue and cry over alleged police atrocities on students protesting near RSS headquarters at Delhi has exposed the double standards of “national media, various political parties and think tanks”.

Addressing a public meeting at Hajan Langate, Er Rasheed said that when Kashmiri youth are being thrashed, tortured and booked under fake case, nobody in India speaks a word to condemn the act, but when police men in New Delhi or elsewhere try to stop the protests, everybody cries about police atrocities and state terrorism.

“In the name of so-called national interest, from pepper gas to pellet guns and custodial killings to forced disappearances, every atrocity committed by police in Kashmir goes not only unnoticed but is being justified and legalized by national media,” Rasheed said.

“When a Dalit student commits suicide in Hyderabad from media to politicians whole India cries pain, but when 12-year-old Irshad of Waisa gets stabbed to death in Punjab or a youth Parvaiz Guru is shot dead, just for being a part of peaceful protest, the incidents go not only unnoticed but are being shamelessly justified.”

The double standards prove that for media and all others pain of Kashmiris doesn’t matter and thus prove that Kashmiris can’t be treated at par with Indians, Er Rasheed said, while appealing “national media” to shun biased attitude towards Kashmiris and show some neutrality.


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