Er Rasheed seeks judicial probe in Noor Khan’s death


Accusing government of playing with the life of political prisoners lodged in various jails, AIP President Er Rasheed has sought judicial probe into circumstances which led to the death of renowned political activist Noor Khan.

In a statement, Er Rasheed said: “Authorities need not forget that all those booked under PSA and other draconian laws are not criminals and bulldozing their rights and self- respect is an absolute violation of their fundamental rights. It is a matter of concern that in various jails the detainees are not allowed to meet the visitors and are being deprived of proper medical care. The death of Noor Khan has exposed the claims of jail reforms and it is proven that jail authorities are playing with the lives of prisoners. Govt. must order an impartial judicial probe in the horrible incident and responsibility must be fixed on those officials who denied proper medical care to Noor Khan and pushed him to a point which ended up with his death.”

Er Rasheed also accused police of showing lack of interest in tracing out 10-year-old Umar Farooq, a teenager from Batergam Kupwara and said that police must own the responsibility of not discharging its duty with interest and commitment pertaining to the case.

He said: “while police and other security agencies make everyday tall claims about busting various gangs but a common man has a question for the police that why couldn’t police find out the mystery behind the abduction of a 10-year-old kid,  till he was murdered with brutality. It seems that police has the priorities of its own choice and the incidents not directly related to militant activities are of secondary importance. If people feel scared in their houses and kids are not safe in their courtyards, police must introspect and stop making claims about its achievements in making masses feel secure.”

Er Rasheed appealed masses also not to forget that the murder of Umar Farooq has exposed many bitter and shameful realities about our society and said that we all need to introspect as a nation that why are we turning worst than the beasts and why is human life loosing value day by day.


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