Er Rasheed seeks release of Sarjan Barkati


Appealing state government to give heed to the appeal of a family of Ummat-e-Islami senior leader Moulana Sarjan Barkati, MLA Langate and AIP president Er Rasheed on Monday sought an immediate and unconditional release of Barkati who is languished in jail since last two years.

The spokesman said that Barkati and all others lodged in different jails are not criminals but political prisoners who have been seeking a permanent resolution to Kashmir disputed. Rasheed said that if seeking a resolution to political dispute of Kashmir, which has been recognized by the international community even at the UN, is a crime if police and other agencies do not respect the court orders and imprison innocent Kashmiris through extrajudicial detentions, what can be more irony and shameful than this act.

Rasheed that on one hand prime minister Narendra Modi has been claiming to embrace Kashmiris but the state keeps even political prisoners like Sarjan Barkati in illegal detention, isn’t it enough proof that Sarjan Barkati’s argument is stronger and logical than the claims and commitments of prime minister. He urged the government to release all political detainees lodged in various jails in and outside the state. Rasheed added that Sarjan Barkati’s family by hitting streets of Srinagar has exposed the human face of security agencies and the tall claims of the union government to own Kashmiris. Rasheed also appealed authorities to listen to the voice of their inner conscious and release Barkati without further excuses and judicial murders.


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