‘Punishment will be given to Major Gogoi as per his crime’: Army chief


Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Tuesday said that any case of moral turpitude and corruption against Major Leetul Gogoi will be dealt sternly, news gatherer ANI reported.

“I had clearly said that any case of moral turpitude and corruption will be dealt with sternly. A Court of Inquiry has been conducted which has recommended that we should go in for court-martial proceedings for whatever he has been found guilty of,” General Rawat told reporters in Delhi.

He said that punishment will be given to Major Gogoi as per the crime committed by him, ANI report said.

“Action will be taken based on his guilt that emerges from this. If it is related directly to moral turpitude then we will take action accordingly. If it is something else then a punishment will be given to him according to the crime he has committed,” ANI quoted the Army chief as saying.

Earlier, the Indian Army’s Court of Inquiry had found Major Gogoi guilty in the Srinagar hotel altercation case and came to a conclusion that the facts on the ground were against him, and sought disciplinary action against Major Gogoi.

Major Gogoi first made headlines in April last year, when he tied a civilian to the bonnet of his vehicle as a “human shield” and drove through Jammu and Kashmir’s Budgam during the Srinagar constituency by-elections. He was later awarded the Army chief’s ‘Commendation Card’, ANI reported.


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