Er Rasheed urges for a special session of Assembly

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MLA Langate and President Awami Ittehad Patry (AIP) Er Rasheed Thursday urged upon the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to call a special session of the state assembly to pass a resolution unanimously in favor of the restoration of greater autonomy as was prevailing prior to 1953.

“I have sent my emissaries to Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti asking them to convene a special session of the state assembly for passing a resolution in favour of the state’s autonomous nature. And if they are serious about the protection of the state’s autonomy that existed before 1953, then they must unite on this issue and pass the resolution conveying Delhi in strongest possible sense that Kashmir dispute can’t be taken for granted” Er said during a press conference.

Castigating both NC and PDP for “playing in the hands of the Central Government”, he said that both the parties are a part of the “bigger conspiracy” in which they are serving the agenda of diluting the Kashmir cause. “These parties were fighting the election for Autonomy and self rule but now are begging for the defense of Article 370” he added.

Quoting the additional Genaral Secretary of NC, Shiekh Mustafa Kamal, that he too has acknowledged that 56 amendments were made in Article 370 from 1953 to 1975 he questioned the role of NC in seeking the restoration of Article 370 when they were part of UPA during last ten years.

Rasheed said that the abrogation or restoration of Article 370 can’t change the disputed nature of Kashmir. “There are several declarations like Shimla agreement, Tashkent declaration, Lahore declaration which India can’t ignore” he said.

Emphasizing that NC and PDP rather than taking up autonomy and self rule should directly ask for the implementation of UN resolutions.

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