Er Rashid

er-rashidIn the ‘pandemonium’ house of J&K state assembly, silence fell on the floor on Tuesday when MLA Langat, Er Rashid poured his heart out. Speaking during a discussion, it was altogether a different Rashid who was placid, emotional and of course, not belligerent for the day.

“I was accused other day by my fellow members in the house that I lose my mind in presence of press,” his initial remarks in an address which was filled with his real life anecdotes and experiences.”I appeal press not to carry today’s statements of mine.”

In his speech, he candidly touched each and every aspect of prevailing situation in Kashmir. But before that, he tendered his apology to NC member, Aga Syed Ruhullah.

“I happened to pass some intolerable remarks to you while you were speaking, I express my apologies for that,” he told Aga, who nodded his head in return. “You described the pain inflicted on you and your family after your father was killed. It really touched my heart.”

His speech wasn’t mere melodramatic. It was equally loaded with substance and instances, which gripped the attention of the house.

“I would have never ventured into politics, had police party (cargo) not interrogated me by striping me naked in police lock-up in 2003,” said Rashid with a tinge of sadness in his vocals. “I made up my mind then that I will contest elections and will fight the oppression on the floor of the house.”

As he was speaking, there was a pin-drop silence in the house. Members of all parties were apparently touched by his remarks as it was reflected from their facial expressions.

Soon Rashid wished for NC-PDP unity. He said that  he would run election campaign for them in case they would unite. “Unfortunately NC and PDP only look at forming a government with congress, both the parties neglect the fact that they can serve better if they think together about Kashmir and Kashmiris,” Rashid elaborated.

Rashid, who enjoyed proximity with the ruling National Conference after emerging victorious from Langate assembly segment, voted in its favour during 2009 Rajya Sabha Polls, but for past three years, he has maintained  distance from the National Conference.

On the first day of assembly session, Rashid alleged that “members are stooges of Indian army” after VK Singh’s issue rocked the house.

-Bilal Handoo



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