Er Rashid

Er-RashidIt was one more mention of controversial village defence communities (VDCs) in same space (JK Assembly) but in different time (2014). But one man (Er Rashid) stuck to his old guards on government backed militia. So when Jammu based BJP’s member assembly pressed for regularisation and better remuneration for VDCs, the MLA Langate stood up and demanded the same. Why? Because he believes, he hails from even more dangerous area.

But Rashid who is often being accused for disrupting House wasn’t merely reacting on VDC issue. The moment Ashwini Kumar (Jammu based State Morcha MLA) remarked on the refugees, Rashid protested by saying: The refugees should be sent back to Pakistan. This led to an exchange of heated arguments between Rashid and BJP MLAs with the latter shouting “throw out anti-national elements, throw out Pakistani agents”.

A day after Rashid was seen labelling members of all political parties as anti-people and anti-Kashmiri. He confronted with NPP members for demanding the inclusion of word ‘secular’ to the preamble of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution and accused them of being the citizen of that India which is led by a ‘communal leader’. India is not a secular country, Rashid shouted: Stop preaching us secularism, in your country, Muslims aren’t allowed to offer Friday prayers.

And when minister of state for home Sajad Kitchloo stood up to make his point, Rashid (who was sitting behind him) also stood up and told him: stop addressing the House; you are also an anti-Indian in the eyes of India. Rashid informed that some newspapers in Jammu have carried a report alleging: Kitchloo enjoys the patronage of militants in Jammu and Kashmir. As verbal heat started building up inside House, NC’s lady member Bimla Luthra objected Rashid’ remarks against Kitchloo, but she was retorted and described as deaf and dumb by the firebrand MLA.

But after retorting the lady member, Rashid’s remarks didn’t rest. He soon targeted NC and PDP legislators: you are all burglars who have sucked the blood of common people. Tum log kafan choor ho, he accused them, you all are sailing in the same boat.

Later Rashid alleged non-state subjects mostly Biharis have occupied government land in Kashmir while the government is acting as a mute spectator. But the government downplayed the accusation.

On Friday, Rashid stormed twice in the well and finally on the directions of the Speaker he was marshalled out from the House.

Bilal Handoo


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