Er Rashid lambastes the move to confiscate Hizb Commander’s Property

KL Report


MLA Langate and Awami Ittihaad Party President (AIP) Engineer Rashid Saturday lambasted the move to confiscate property of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Aamir Khan in South Kashmir and resolved that such “harsh steps won’t bear any fruits”.

“If Government and concerned agencies are curious to get accountability of properties possessed by some persons than they should first make accountable and put to trial those politicians, bureaucrats, security officials who in the name of fighting militancy have looted the state and amassed huge properties,” Er Rashid said in a statement.

“We the nation of Kashmir are fully aware about those vested politicians and Police Officials who have amassed huge illegal wealth for their coming seven generations and despite that no accountability is sought from them. Renegade elements and those Police Officials and Politicians who have wrecked havoc on common masses are being given full security cover while as innocent children are thrown out from their homes and by doing this the government and agencies are thinking that they have captured the fort.”

Er Rashid reaffirmed that if by confiscating properties of Hizbul Commander Aamir Khan and Ghulam Mohammad Khan Sopori the Government and agencies are feeling boasted, “then they should first inquire honestly about the murder of daughter of Aamir Khan and punish the guilty”.

“This confiscation of property of Aamir Khan would not have any bearings on him as circumstances have forced him to reside in Pakistan but this seizure will have dire impact on his innocent children,” he said. “By unnecessarily seizing property of few selected individuals and ignoring those who have done innumerable scams is a dirty tactic to scare masses and this would yield government nothing.”

Er Rashid made it clear that it is quite possible via legal battle the affected persons would get their property back and said that such steps are going to hurt the peace and reconciliation efforts.

“State and central Government from Srinagar to New Delhi never learn from grave mistakes of past and continue the policy of vengeance thus hurting the efforts aimed at resolution and peace,” he said.


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