Even Dead Man Scares Largest Democracy: Guru’s Family


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Family of parliament-attack-convict, Muhammad Afzal Guru, who was hanged at Delhi’s Tihar Jail on February 9, Tuesday expressed shock over the ruling out of handing over of his body to them by Union Home Minister Shushil Kumar Shinde.

“We are shocked that the so called largest democracy of the world is scared of even a dead man”, said Afzal’s family members while talking to KNS.

“As per the jail rules, the body can’t be given to Guru’s family members, However, they are free to visit Tihar Jail and offer prayers at his grave”, Shinde had told reporters in Delhi on Monday.

However, the family reiterated its resolve to get back Guru’s body for a proper burial in his homeland. “We can go to any corner of the world for offering last prayers for Afzal but still the question of getting back his body remains, ‘for which the whole Kashmiri nation is fighting and has spilled its blood”, said the family.

“Afzal had a deep love with the land of Kashmir. He lived and died for his land. Therefore we deeply feel that his mortal remains deserve to be buried in this land. As far as we are concerned we are just like any other suffering family of a turmoil hit place but for Afzal’s last remains we will continue our fight”, they added.

Talking over Hurriyat’s role in the fight for Afzal, one of the family members said, “If Hurriyat is serious about Afzal and the people of Kashmir, they should unite in the real sense, irrespective of their ideological differences”.

Reacting to a news report the family said, “We have taken a strong note of a news report where Ghalib (Afzal’s son) was shown in a sad state and in a kind of mental depression”

“Ghalib is in a good spirit and is a son of a person who died for his nation. We want to make it clear that Ghalib is under the guidance of a brave mother and also the supervision of Guru’s family”, they said

“It is our request to the whole Kashmiri nation to remain united and pray for the betterment of the nation. This apart from taking forward Afzal’s dream about the nation is the only favour the family expects from fellow Kashmiris”, they added.


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