‘Even if every policeman acts like Qadir Ganderbali, they cannot change historical reality of K-issue’

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Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Sunday strongly criticized the police for their fresh arrest drive against youth in Shopian and Baramulla district and alleged that police has created a state of fear and chaos in nook and corner of the valley.

Denouncing the police action against youth, Geelani said police have proved more callous than Indian forces.  While stressing for immediate release of all political prisoners including youth, he said that substantial use of arbitrary powers and force are basic reason for uncertainty and political instability and instead of solving issues, make things more complicated.

“In Shopian police ransacked residential houses and as public reported, a tear gas shell exploded in the house of Abdul Rasheed  and caused a heavy damage to belongings and the religious literature. Local residents stated that though police was responsible for all this. However, instead of apologizing for their wrongdoings in contrast, police started a fresh arrest drive against youth and in retribution implicating   sons of Abdul Ahad Para in fake and fabricated cases,” he alleged.

“Police action has caused concern in Shopian town and civilians in the area are lamenting police for their highhandedness,” he added and expressed his concern over the series of arrests in Baramulla.

“Police have launched a crackdown against youth and is hell-bent to tarnish the career and with the arrest their future becomes sceptical,” he said and warned authorities that this policy could in no way yield fruitful results. “In a civilized society every person has right to express opinion and no positive response and results can be expected while denying this or while resorting to suppressive measures by state authorities,” he said.

The Hurriyat (G) chairman said that in the given situation, authorities should understand that reaction from the suppressed community is expected and incidents of stone pelting take place in the given context. “When birth rights of people are violated, the reaction in one form or the other is nothing new and is expected and Delhi and their local agencies should understand that policy of coercion cannot make people to surrender or compel to call off their struggle,” he said.

Geelani while addressing the state police said that they should understand that Kashmir issue is a solid reality and as ‘compared to it the existence of police department is negligible’ “Even if every police personnel turns and acts as Qadir Ganderbali, they cannot change historical reality with regards to Kashmir issue. They are part of nation and society,” he said while commenting over the role played by state police and added that under all circumstances they are supposed to live within the society and with us.

Geelani reiterated his demand and stressed for immediate release of arrested youth and added that Kashmir being a political issue and instead of using the force needs political measures for its peaceful solution.


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