Even if hanged still will seek plebiscite: Rasheed


In an emotional outburst hitting hard at New Delhi, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Rasheed on Wednesday while making his speech over Governor’s address inside the assembly, reiterated his stand on Kashmir dispute and warned PDP and NC of dire consequences if they continue to dilute the significance of dispute.

Rasheed while lashing out at centre for misusing NIA or political goals, criticized Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah for giving New Delhi and its agencies entry in every matter.

He said “While NIA is a professional organization, Govt. should never use it for political gains and must ensure that credibility of NIA is kept intact. It is shameful that NIA has been used to suppress those peaceful political voices in J&K, who seek the resolution to seventy years long-pending dispute”.

Rasheed condemned Omer Abdullah and other members of the house for maintaining complete silence over NIA issue. Questioning his summoning by NIA and the media propaganda.

Rasheed said that Zahoor Watali was not a criminal and if meeting him is a crime then not only Omer Abdullah but more than a dozen senior members from both the sides of house have very close relationship with Zahoor Watali and why should NIA be used only against  Rasheed for vested political interests.

Rasheed also gave details of his property to the state accountability commission through the speaker and urged that his all assets should be examined, so that people’s faith in public representatives gets restored, following a false propaganda campaign of TV Channels and other vested sections.

Rasheed reminded PDP about the lecture delivered by Lord Meghanad on Mufti Sahib’s anniversary and asked PDP to explain why not to accept the advice of their esteemed guest, who clearly spoke in favour of the plebiscite.

Rasheed said that it is strange that what I have been advocating inside the assembly, Lord Meghnad was pleading same at Zorawar Stadium a few days back and getting warm appreciation and applauds from governor N. N. Vohra, Mehbooba Mufti , Nitish Kumar and Nirmal Singh. He said “If BP doesn’t believe in plebiscite then it should have broken the alliance with PDP immediately after PDP’s special invitee Lord Meghnad delivered his lecture. Reminding BJP members of Narinder Modi’s remarks of Baap Batay ki Sarkar and Baap Beti Ki Sarkar he challenged them to dare to say now “Bhai Behen Ki Sarkar” after Tasaduq Mufti’s induction in the cabinet.

Rasheed asked the house either to work for the resolution of Kashmir dispute or it must keep its mandate limited to developmental issues only and not mislead people in the name of autonomy and self-rule.

Rasheed rejected PDP leader’s claims made in the house that Hurriyat is showing rigidity and doesn’t want to talk. He termed PDP stand as misleading and reminded Mehbooba Mufti and her colleagues of the fact that Mirwaiz, Yaseen Malik and five militant commanders talked to New Delhi in the past, but got nothing except losing their credibility for the want of sincerity from New Delhi’s side.

Rasheed added that Kashmiris are neither communal nor want a resolution on geographical or communal lines but seek the right to “self-determination” as promised by India and Pakistan at United Nations.

Asking New Delhi not to harass truthful and genuine voices by using various agencies, Rasheed reiterated that seeking plebiscite on both the sides of LOC is not a crime and even if he is hanged for saying so he will do it again and again.



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