Shabir Shah
Shabir Shah

Strongly reacting against the curbs, restrictions and turning of whole valley into a military garrison on the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah Saturday said that 30000 forces were deployed in Srinagar for the said visit.

“Not only were 30000 forces deployed in Srinagar City for Modi’s rally but also hundreds and thousands of daily wager workers, anganwari and aasha workers, non locals and female government employees were forcibly taken to the so-called rally,” Shabir Ahmad Shah said in a statement.

Quoting the previous rulers of the state, Shah said even their security personnel were taken to Modi’s rally.

Terming such “undemocratic and unconstitutional” means of making the rally of Indian Prime Minister successful as “ridiculous and a big joke”, Shah said if ‘Million March’ called by separatists would have been allowed, the so-called state administration would have seen the real crowd unlike a handful of people hired by it.

“If people would have been allowed to participate in Million March, the world would have seen that Kashmiris don’t want so-called packages but want solution to the dispute and end to Indian occupation that claimed lakhs of lives of its people,” he said.

Criticising the imposition of curfew-like restrictions by state administration to foil the ‘Million March’, Shah said the Mufti-led government by putting the whole separatist leadership behind bars accepted defeat. “Conducting Modi’s rally after resorting to such means of arrests and curbs is nothing but a drama,” he said.

The DFP chairman said nowhere in the world are people caged at the arrival of any leader but in Kashmir it is contrary. “Here no one is allowed to express his views and there is complete ban on freedom of speech and expression.”

Commenting on Modi’s speech, Shabir Ahmad Shah said the packages cannot change the destiny of youth or empower them. “Still, the reality of Kashmir issue is at its place. Not even the package of trillions of rupees can change the disputed status of Jammu Kashmir.”

Over Modi’s invoking of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shah said economic packages are not solution to the dispute but to involve all the stakeholders of this issue on table is the solution. “Without that, peace in South Asia is impossible to attain.”

Shah said the so-called economic package is nothing compared to loot of our resources by India. “India is lightning the whole country by taking electricity from NHPC and is trying to compensate our sacrifices by such mean packages.”

He reminded Indian politicians that Kashmiris have seen so many similar packages since last 68 years but that didn’t make them change their stand on Kashmir issue.

“These packages are nothing. Rather New Delhi should initiate steps for resolving the Kashmir issue as per UN resolutions or through trilateral talks,” Shah added.


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