Even when His Daughter left Him Alone, Muslims Perform last Rites of lone Pandit

Aakash Hassan


Kashmiri Pandit

When ninety year old Janki Nath of Malvan area in Kulgam died, his Muslim neighbours not only mourned the demise of the Kashmiri Pandit, but also performed his last rites in his village.

The communal harmony and brotherhood was on full display at Malvan in South Kashmir’s Kulgam, about 10 km from Islamabad town.

Janki Nath never left Valley and was the only Pandit household Muslim majority village which has around 5000 households.

Nath, who worked with Irrigation Department and had retired in 1990, breathed his last on Saturday morning after prolonged illness for last 5 years.

Nath was the father of a single daughter who has not been living with him and even didn’t see him in his last days.

As the news of his death spread, neighbours thronged Nath’s residence to perform his last rites.

Gull Mohammad Alai and Jahangir Ahmad who wept inconsolably said “they lost their own family”. “He was just like my elder brother and I used to take suggestions from him before taking any step,” said Alai.

As the numbers swelled up in the courtyard of Nath, the Muslim neighbours carried the bier to the cremation ground and also arranged the wood for his pyre. “It was his decision to stay on and not to leave,” recalled Gh Hassan.

“To help our neighbours irrespective of their religion is our duty which we performed. We have lost a member of our family,” mourning neighbours said.

(Aakash Hassan is an Intern with Kashmir Life.)


  1. @GhulamNabiMalik :: Such was the communal harmony that Muslims exterminated/butchered Kashmiri Hindus 7 times during past 800 years of Muslim rule. Built #mosques on the foundations of vandalised #temples apart from forced conversions with the help of sword and mass massacre of Kashmiri Pandits.

    Who can forget the brutal rape and thereafter inhuman halving the body of Late Sarla ji (who was employed in SKIMS) with the help of electric saw by the horrible bigoted demon – Yasin Malik.

    You may have forgot the killing of Lassa Koul, Tikka Lal Taploo, the Ganjoo couple and others. What was their fault? Where was the so-called communal harmony that time? Why were KP’S hounded out of their homes of thousands of years old?

    What you did during the past 800 years in no way can be called as human acts? Persecution, ethnic cleansing, mass murders, rapes, kidnapping of females of other religions, usurping the properties of mon-muslims, demonic behaviour and what not are the characteristics of Islam. And you people call your religion of peace. My Foot.

    Is this what your Allah has preached you? Killing those who do not believe in Allah. Kill the infidel males and take their women as sex slaves to relish them and thereupon come up with the army of demons who at later stage wreck havoc on humanity of unimaginable levels.

    What kind of entity is your Allah? Blind by vision. No, no he is blind by Intelect. If that would not have been the case, he wouldn’t have selected Mohammed his messenger at all. Doesn’t it tell us that there was no Allah, hence no messenger of his. Some crooked mind came, wrote some crappie, nomenclatured it as KORAN and started to sell the same to simple peace loving people. But it didn’t work hence came with a sword and forced people to accept it or else get killed. Since then same is going on without realising that it is anti-humanity.
    You people are so corrupt that you don’t even leave a person who is being kept a step ahead even of almighty himself. I know you won’t get the point. I am talking about the women who is the ultimate source of the universe. You people are worse than scum.
    Ah! It completely went out of my mind that your so-called messenger of Allah had married a girl of 9 years when he was 52 years old. Many of us are having grand daughters at the age of 52. Such a pathetic sex monger he was. He even used to have sex with the female dead bodies. Oh God! What a meniac was he? And people are following that scum-bag.

    How is humanity expected from you horrible guys who don’t have the ability to see right and wrong? You people are happy in killing hapless innocent human beings as well as poor animals who can’t even cry for any help. And you call these acts of killing a “SAWAB”. Sawab my foot.

    You people are set for a doom. It’s a matter of time that your demonic cult is going to be wiped out from the face of earth.

    This is the character of you people and your Islam and you are talking of communal harmony. If you people have performed the last rites of a KP that’s only for your own benefit. You will get all the property of his and there is no one to challenge you because Kashmir is now inhibited by demons. And demons are not expected to show compassion. Compassion is quite opposite to Islam.

    And why bring in the deceased daughter. Are you expecting her to leave her owns family for the sake of an old man who could not get out of his slavish mentality injected in by you people only. Do your daughters stay put with you even after getting married. What made you to throw such kind of scorn as KP’S through the daughter of the deceased. Do you people think that you are telling onky people who are intelligent and rest are idiots that they can’t read in between the lines. You people should start to GROW UP.

    Stop shedding crocodile tears. We know who and what you are.

    • First things first, have there been incidents throughout history where Muslims have committed heinous crimes, yes.Have Hindus and Christians etc etc done the same, yes. As you have listed acts by Muslims already I would mention some by followers of other religions.
      Saffron Terrorism : Carried out by Hindus. Responsible for samjhauta bombings(2007) , Malegaon blasts (2008). You can look up the rest.
      Gujarat Riots : Some will say both parties were equally involved among other things but facts are out there.
      1984 anti-Sikh riots
      Northern Ireland Conflict etc etc.

      I am not condoning such behavior, just pointing out that riots is not a Muslim thing as you make it out to be.
      I as a Kashmiri can never condone what happened with KPs. Its one of the worse things that can happen to a human.
      But that doesn’t mean that you can paint everyone in a single stroke of a brush. Every community has rapists, killers thats a fact, they should be punished regardless of their position, religion, nationality etc. , that is justice, doesn’t mean all people are like that thats a fact too.
      After rape case in Delhi no one said that Hindus are rapists, because its moronic to take a wrongdoing of a few people as representation of every member of their community, same is the case with Muslims, because some crazy people do crazy things doesn’t mean that a whole community is like that, rather just few people and such people are in every community, in Hindus as well as Muslims.
      Now to address your false accusations on prophet(saw).
      The word used is Idtaja’ (اضطجع ) which means to lie down or sleep depending on context. And by looking at context you will find that he laid down in the grave before laying her there in order to examine if it was comfortable for the body Fatima Bint Asad to lay in . Then it has been taken out of context and other meaning of Idtaja’ (اضطجع ) which is sleep has been used.So from “laid down in the grave”(which was empty when you read it with context) it has been misquoted as “slept with her” and the meaning of slept pertaining to sex has been used.Just twisting and turning things just to make a lie out of it.
      Why are you using lies to make your point!!!!!
      Just to emphasize on the point of context and proper translation you can check by taking any paragraph, convert it into any language in google translate and convert it back to english and see the difference, or check out this video :
      also you can check the explanation of that accusation for yourself:
      Also rather than searching for “negative things about islam” which gives you wrong info, read the quaran and analyse it.
      Similarly you have given more lies about prophet (saw) , but moving on to other things you mentioned.
      Killing people:
      I don’t know where you get your info from but Islam teaches to respect other people and ‘to kill one human is considered as killing of humanity’.Murder is an anti Islamic, no doubt about it.If wanna know more read the Quran, not the out of context lines.
      The lines that are quoted by people about killing are the ones about war where the situation is ‘kill or be killed’ like in any other war and also these are put out of context.It is like in war against pakistan, indian soldiers were told to kill pakistani soldiers, of course if you put the commands given to indian soldiers at that point, out of context, those commands would sound nothing less than barbaric, but that was war, same applies here.
      Now coming to the matter of non vegetarian food. No country except india has more than 12% vegetarians. Most religions allow non veg food.Again not a muslim thing. Also many Kashmiri Pandits also eat non veg.
      I m quoting you here “You people are happy in killing hapless innocent human beings as well as poor animals who can’t even cry for any help”.For the first part I already stated that islam never teaches to kill innocent people.For second part:
      1. Yes animals who cannot cry for help are killed, and so are plants which vegetarians eat.Yes, plants also posses life if anyone who has ever read biology might know.
      2. You kill thousands of microbes when you breathe.
      So you are taking life away from plants and microbes in order to survive.Only because plants don’t bleed like animals and you cant see microbes doesn’t mean they don’t have life.
      Now coming to your view of the deceased you call him ‘slavish’…..I am quoting from your line:
      “Are you expecting her to leave her owns family for the sake of an old man who could not get out of his slavish mentality injected in by you people only”.
      So you consider a person who is willing to live in his homeland “slavish”. You are so convinced that you don’t see the sympathetic,human aspect of it because you are blinded by hatred.Hatred has never yielded anything good, it just breeds more hatred.Just look at the story and look what you made out of it…its shocking!!!!
      I consider Kashmiri Pandits as my brothers.
      Was what happened to Kashmiri Pundits wrong, yes. Is whats happening in Kashmir to muslims since then wrong, yes.
      As long as you are biased and prejudiced towards this you cannot think clearly.People who are 35 today were 10 when those horrific things happened, not anyway were they a part of that,most of them didn’t even know what was happening then and many from this generation weren’t even born,but you still insist on hating all the people indiscriminately, not considering that people from 1 to 35 yrs or even 40 of age today had no part in it. And not all grown up Muslims then had a part in it.Thus clearly majority of people today had nothing to do with that.”GROW UP” and think about it instead of spreading lies and hate. I don’t think that attitude takes us anywhere.We can either embrace each other and move forward or keep hating and remain where we are. I prefer the former.


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