Every Tom, Dick and Harry is Molvi in Kashmir: MDM



Muslim Deeni Mahaz led by incarcerated Dr Qasim Faktoo Friday evening issued a statement detailing the sectarian division which Kashmir is facing this time.

The ever increasing number of mosques is having a very negative impact on the Muslims in Kashmir.

1        The unity of Muslims is being broken.

2       Sectarian strife has taken an ugly colour.

3       Every Tom Dick and Harry has become an Imam. Where ever one mosque suffices the purpose of a locality the construction of another mosque whether with a sectarian or party motive is a in reality an effort to create wedge between Muslims and creating disunity amongst them which is among the major sins according to Shariah. The reward for construction of a mosque as mentioned in the Hadith is for those mosques that are constructed at places where there are no existing ones or the existing mosques do not suffice the needs of the community and there is no room for expansion of the existing mosque.

An intriguing fact is that when Muslims belonging to different sects and schools of thought can pray together in Kaaba Sharief and Masjid Nabwi (SAW) what stops them from doing the  same at their local mosques.

The presence of mosques in every lane and by lane has adversely affected the unity and strength of Muslims which was earlier evident when Muslims used to pray in Jamia Majids.  This also results in the fact that the pulpit of the. Mosques are not able to lead the Muslim community in these critical times as the Tom Dick and Harry Imams in these Mosques are unaware of the real essence of our religion. (Ila Masha Allah).

We request Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir that they should not provide financial assistance to build mosques in areas where mosques are already present and are sufficient for the locality.

In Kashmir every square kilometre boasts of 7 to 10 mosques. We request the Molvis who have completed studies from various seminaries and Darul Ulooms that they should not look to be Imams in mosques and teachers in Darul Ulooms as sources of livelihood but should look for alternate ways to earn a living. It is unfortunate that these Molvis have turned into a financial liability for the Muslim society. This is also a reason that mosques and Darul Ulooms have mushroomed in the valley. But a matter of concern is that vices and moral degradation in the society is increasing with the increasing number of mosques and Darul Ulooms.


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