Explain circumstances in which Art-370 was introduced to constitution of India, asks Er Rasheed


Reacting Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech in the parliament that Article 370 is a temporary provision, Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) President Er Rasheed said that Article 370 is a temporary provision in the constitution of India so is the accession between J&K and Union of India temporary and conditional.

“By dragging Article 370 every time BJP and the Union Government is insulting India’s own constitution. Creating a false narrative is a distortion of facts. Home Minister Amit Shah should explain circumstances under which Article 370 was introduced in the constitution of India,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.

New Delhi has always disrespected the terms and conditions between J&K and the Union of India. “It is strange that on one hand successive Union Governments eroded and snatched constitutional guarantees given to Kashmiris and on the other New Delhi broke down every promise made with Kashmiris,” Rasheed said in a statement.

Rasheed asked New Delhi not to celebrate or undermine the talk offer made by Hurriyat and reiterated that it is not only Hurriyat or few individuals but every single Kashmiri on both the sides of LOC who wants a permanent resolution to Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions and promises made with them from time to time, the spokesman added.


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