Explain paper leakage scam of 2004: NC to PDP

KL Report


The ruling National Conference (NC) Tuesday, lashed out at opposition, PDP for its statement on BOPEE scandal and said that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his daughter should first answer the questions raised by former IG Crime as to why he was shifted when in 2004 he unearthed the paper leakage scam.

“The former IGP crime was heading towards a great success and after the evidences against the culprits were collected and investigating team was going to tighten the noose, Mufti Sayeed not only issued his transfer order from state crime department to stall the further arrest of other accused persons but also promoted the accused person,” said Tanvir Sadiq, political secretary to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in a statement.

He added “Today they have the audacity to talk about morality when because of PDP the case and its conclusion was brought to a grinding halt”

“Mufti has lost his bearings and level-headedness at the prospect of being permanently excluded from power. His daughter matches him in equal measure by attributing to the government what no government would do” said Sadiq.

Calling PDP “politically impotent which is defined by its political bankruptcy” Tanvir said the desperation to come to power has made them become a proxy to BJP in Kashmir.

 “Former IB director, a woman social activist running an NGO and a senior journalist in Delhi are working as mediators between PDP and BJP” he said adding “The PDP leadership which has been heaping praise about Modi for the past couple of weeks have promised BJP that it will get into a  secret understanding with the party like in 2002.”

Tanvir further said, “Mehbooba’s candidature for the Islamabad parliamentary seat is a clear indication that PDP is now so desperate that its leaders have agreed to become proxy of Modi if through dubious means they are helped in election.”


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