Failure to Address Kashmir Issue seen as Double Standards of World Body: Pakistan @ UN



Maleeha Lodhi
Pakistan’s Permamnet Representative to the United Nations: Maleeha Lodhi

Pakistan Thursday raised Kashmir Issue in the United Nations, once again.

It said, “denial of fundamental human rights to Kashmiris is an injustice and  failure to address prolonged outstanding disputes would be seen as double standards practiced by the world body.”

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi said at a General Assembly debate on peace and security that it is the “duty” of the global community to ensure UN resolutions on the issue are fulfilled. Sovereign equality of nations, settlement of international disputes by peaceful means and avoidance of the use or threat of use of force are fundamental principles entrenched in the UN Charter, said the Ambassador.

The Ambassador said the United Nations was created with the “very purpose to prevent and stop these injustices – injustices such as the denial of fundamental human rights to the people of Palestine and Kashmir”.

“Isn’t it our collective and solemn duty to keep the promises made to them through numerous resolutions of this body? How can this body command the respect it deserves if its own edicts are flouted,” she said.

Lodhi added that UN member nations need some introspection as to why the Security Council is “reluctant” to refer legal disputes to the International Court of Justice.

“And if we have no credible answers to these questions except the imperatives of real politik, the world at large will view the United Nations as little more than a political tool in the hand of the powerful few. This impression would hardly inspire trust,” she said.

Pakistan has repeatedly raised the Kashmir dispute at various UN platforms but India has strongly asserted that “references to Kashmir by Pakistan in UN fora is unwarranted and constitute a clear interference in its internal affairs”.

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