Failure to Stop NEET Extension Exposed PDP: Dr Farooq, “Institutions being Destroyed’



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Dr Farooq Abdullah
Dr Farooq Abdullah

National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday termed the “State Government’s failure” to stop the extension of NEET to J&K as an indication of “PDP’s complete integration into the BJP” and said there was a “systemic effort to undermine and side line the State’s institutional autonomy” even in areas that specifically fall under the State List under the Constitution.

Addressing party workers in Shopian at a function organized to commemorate the death anniversary of Sheikh Mansoor Ahmed, NC President said, “National Conference is the only political force that can counter these nefarious designs and protect the State’s political rights and honour.”

“The State Government had assured the students and the people of the State in general that it would ensure NEET isn’t extended to J&K and that the State’s special status is upheld. What happened to their appeal in the Supreme Court? They mounted a half-hearted effort and this was a pre-meditated arrangement with the BJP and the Union Government. Our students who have studied hard for a different curriculum are apprehensive about their future while the State Government has no answers to offer. The PDP-BJP Government should not hesitate to bring in an Act through the State Legislature to protect the rights and future of our students if the need arises,” the NC President said.

Dr Farooq Abdullah questioned the PDP-BJP Alliance’s motives and said, “repeated attempts were being made to side line the legislative assembly in J&K.”

“We saw this in the case of NFSA – where the PDP-BJP Alliance Government extended the Act to the State without passing a mirror act in the Legislative Assembly that would have amendments to ensure the State isn’t at a disadvantage. Then we saw the State Government’s half-hearted effort to move to the Supreme Court on the NEET issue. These are clear and visible signs of how PDP is playing an active role in helping a certain lobby in New Delhi to dilute the State’s special status,” Dr Farooq Abdullah added.

The NC President said, “the party is consolidating its grassroots cadre and asked the workers to be ready for Panchayat elections. National Conference is the only political institution that can confront those who want to wreak havoc with J&K and rob our people of their constitutionally guaranteed special status. We will not allow them to destroy our institutions in this manner,” Dr Farooq Abdullah further said in a party statement issued this evening.


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