‘Fake Jawed Habib Salon Fleecing Customers in Srinagar’




A Srinagar based salon calling itself an offshoot of Jawed Habib franchise is fleecing customers in a broad day light. Customers disappointed with the hair-treatment results from the salon told Kashmir Life that the self-styled outlet, using the name of India’s popular hair and beauty salon franchise, is minting huge money from ignorant clients while delivering “horrible” results.

The complaints came close to the heels when ace stylist Jawed Habib himself posted a status update on Facebook cautioning customers against visiting such “counterfeit” outlets.  “Avoid Jawed habib salons at TDI mall, Rajouri Garden, Delhi, Agra & Srinagar,” he wrote. “…they are fake & fooling you!”

The disillusioned clients said that outlet is charging exorbitantly and is recently understood to have laid-off many of its workers when they got the whiff about its forged authenticity.

“Earlier this year I went to the salon for getting my hair highlighted but the results were very loud and tacky,” said Humaira Aashiq, a customer who has filed a case against the outlet at Consumer Court, Srinagar. “When I went to get it corrected, they asked me to pay double the price I had initially paid.”

Agreeing to the demands, Humaira paid as told but on the day she went to make interventions, stylists at the outlet repaired her hair only partially citing that it “was too late” and that they must close. “When I came the next day, they asked me to pay more,” she said. “I was really shocked.”

Humaira said that their coordinator was “extremely rude” and spoke with any complainant very disrespectfully.

When contacted, an official from the Head Office of Jawed Habib, Hair and Beauty Ltd in Mumbai said that they presently have no outlet in Srinagar. He said that the existing outlet at Rajbagh and Munawarabad had once signed a contract with them but after they failed to pay the royalty, the contract was terminated some five years back. “Since then they are operating illegally,” he said. The official also clarified that they had only one outlet operating in the J&K state. “It is located at Bahu Plaza at Gandhi Nagar in Jammu,” he added.

Requests for details from Ubaid Wani, the current owner of Jawed Habib Srinagar were unanswered.

PS: Ubaid Wani, the owner of Srinagar outlets of Jawed Habib contacted KL office and denied that his agreement with the popular franchise was terminated. “I still have the copy of the agreement.”

Ubaid said that he is “out of station” at present and would furnish the documents as soon as he is back in Srinagar.

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