Farooq was Not the Target: New JKCA Body



Majority of Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association members who voted in favour of Imran Raza Ansari Tuesday revealed that none of the member of the Association had the intention to vote against the incumbent president Dr Farooq Abdullah and whatever happened, “happened in a jiffy”.

“The main target was General Secretary ML Nehru. All the members were against him and wanted to see him out from the Cricket Association. Members were up in the arms against Nehru as despite repeated requisitions, Nehru did not convened any meeting of the Association, that was against the constitution of JKCA,” a member of the Association and former Treasurer Manzoor Wazir told CNS.

“There is a provision that 20 members have right to convene a meeting, in case the General Secretary will not give a positive response to their requisition. There was nothing illegal and the decision of the members can be justified on the grounds that no individual is superior or above law,” Wazir said.

Another member who wished not be named said that Farooq Abdullah had always treated JKCA as its fiefdom. “Only one person in last 35 years had mustered the courage to stand against Abdullah and that was former Minister Haji Nisar from Kargil. That time elections were not fair,” he said.

Corroborating the statement of Manzoor Wazir, another member of JKCA said that there was no plan to oust Farooq Abdullah. “The meeting was called to dethrone General Secretary ML Nehru and Vice Chairman Arvind Mickey, the later had no right to be part of the Association as his ‘Rehari Cricket Club’ Jammu had suspended him even from basic membership,” he said.

“JKCA have always failed to deliver goods. I am too responsible for the failure of the Association as despite a member I could not do anything. Parvez Rasool was not the product of the Association but he rose due to his own hard work,” said Manzoor Wazir adding that Association lacks infrastructure and it does not function in a democratic manner.


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