SRINAGAR: Smoking can have an adverse impact on health and smokers are at higher risk of developing lung cancer. But Ramadan is a hope for smokers to quit smoking as it can generate a will power among them, doctors said.

Dr Fayaz Ahmad Bhat Assistant Professor Department of General Medicine at SKIMS Soura said that besides having enormous health benefits, fasting is the best opportunity for smokers to quit cigarette smoking.

He said that diabetic patients, who wish to keep fast, must take special care as it is not advisable for them to take long food breaks and taking some frequent meals after certain durations helps in maintaining their blood glucose level smoothly.

“Diabetic patients must check blood sugar levels frequently during fasting. If someone feels symptoms of hypoglycaemia, an instant blood sugar test should be done to prevent any untoward complication, he added.

“Diabetic patients could have slow absorbing foods, which have low glycaemic index, before you begin the fast. These types of food keep your blood glucose level more stable and smooth during the course of the fast.” Dr Fayaz said.

He said that diabetic patients must avoid long brisk walks while they are fasting to avoid hypoglycemia and dehydration, however they can go for a walk once they break their fast in the evening.

He said that patients suffering from chronic diseases must consult their treating doctor before starting fasting as many decompensate heart liver and kidney disease patients have to take diuretic medicines leading to frequent urination which can lead to dehydration.

He said that the general population who are on fasting must stay hydrated, take enough proteins, eat fibre rich diet, and eat foods containing essential micronutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin B12.

Dr Irfan from GMC Srinagar said that Ramadan is the best opportunity for people to leave bad habits like smoking as fasting develops a sense of patience in the person.

Ramadan is an opportunity to make significant changes in one’s lifestyle and develop the resolve to make healthy living choices, he said.

“The diet should be simple and not differ too much from one’s normal everyday diet. It should contain foods from all the major food groups – like fruits and vegetables; bread, other cereals and potatoes; milk and meat; fish and dairy food alternatives; foods containing fat and foods containing sugar,” he added.

Overeating can not only harm the body, but it also interferes with a person’s spiritual growth during the month, he said. (KNO)


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