Final Batch of 273 Pilgrims from JK Departs for Hajj 2024


SRINAGAR: The final batch of 273 Hajj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir departed from Srinagar International Airport on Monday, marking the conclusion of the Hajj departures for 2024. The first return flight from Saudi Arabia is scheduled for 22 June, an official said.

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A senior officer of the K Hajj Committee said that the last batch of 273 pilgrims left for the holy pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia from Srinagar International Airport, and that this year over 7,000 pilgrims from JK undertook the holy pilgrimage.

“Today was the last flight of the Hajj schedule, and 273 pilgrims embarked on the journey to the holy city. Over 7,000 pilgrims undertook the holy journey, and 39 embarked from Mumbai airport while 37 are without Mahram,” the senior officer said.

The officer added that the core Hajj phase will start from 8 to 13 Zilhaj and that the first flight scheduled to return from Saudi Arabia to Srinagar International Airport is on 22 June.

“The Hajis from Jammu and Kashmir will start coming back from 22 June, with two flights scheduled on the first day. Each flight will be carrying 322 pilgrims,” the officer added.

Notably, marking the beginning of the holy journey, the first flight departed from Srinagar International Airport on 9 May 2024 from Srinagar’s Hajj house, witnessing emotional scenes.

According to the officials, over 7,000 Hajj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir are undertaking the holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina, with approximately 6,800 departing through Srinagar embarkation and over 500 through embarkation from other airports.

As per the officials, collaborative efforts were made across various departments, including health, security, and emergency services, and training sessions were conducted twice to equip pilgrims with essential information and guidance for their pilgrimage.

Officials revealed that this year’s pilgrimage will commence with a visit to Madina, with all pilgrims accommodated in Markaziya, and enhancements made in Mina, with tents strategically positioned in zones 2, 3, and 4 to enhance the overall experience for the pilgrims. (KNO)


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