Firing going on near a CRPF camp in Karan Nagar


SRINAGAR: Gunshots are being heard around a CRPF camp in Karan Nagar. The exact details are not known, however.

“It is happening somewhere around the 23 Bn of CRPF in Karan Nagar,” a senior police officer said. “Their guard had detected some suspicious movement early in the morning and fired several shots in the air.”

It was many hours later, possibly after some searches were mounted that the fire shots were again being heard. The exact location of the possible militants is not immediately known.

“We are trying to get details and as soon as we have something to share we will,” a senior police officer said.

An unconfirmed report said that the militants who were prevented from entering into the garrison during wee ours have trapped themselves in a building nearby. They are said to be two in number. This report lacks any official confirmation, however. There is another report suggesting that the security grid is in the process of starting an encounter.

Meanwhile, a CRPF spokesman has confirmed their men are busy in a gun battle with two militants who have taken refuge in an abandoned building not far away from their camp. The encounter is going on.

(Photograph used in this copy lacks any direct relevance with the incident)


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