SRINAGAR: Protracted dry spell finally had an end last night when it started with a drizzle and then a snowfall. Right now it is snowing everywhere across Kashmir.

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Reports said that the snowfall has led to the closure of the Jammu Srinagar highway. The road has serious landslide issues at various places and inclement weather accelerates sliding on all those points thus endangering the life of commuters.

Kashmir has been craving for the snowfall all these months. In fact, a scant snowfall in Gulmarg made the skiing season very unimpressive, this season. This was despite the fact that hundreds of skiers from across the world had landed in Srinagar.

Apart from certain cold-related diseases including flu, the dry spell had, off late, started a chain of massive fires. These were taking place within and outside the forests. With snowfall, it is excepted that these things will cease immediately.

Late snowfall may still have problems because there will not be much of the accumulations over the peaks because of February. Delayed snowfall is not helping the fast receding glaciers to get a seasonal covering at all.


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