First See My Film Then Judge: Vishal Bhardawaj

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25kashmir1Vishal Bhardawaj who is in Srinagar to shoot his upcoming film Hyder Monday met media persons at Taj Vivanta, where his cast and crew is staying, said  “I am not making a film on Kashmir for commercial reasons. It is an emotional subject for me. I want to depict the pain suffered by Kashmiris in last 25 years.”

Vishal said, “My first trip to Kashmir was in 2010 when I shot a few sequences for 7 Khoon Maaf, since then I am visiting regularly.”

When asked why a film on Kashmir Vishal said, “I genuinely tried to put myself in to an ordinary Kashmiris shoes before finalizing Kashmir as the subject of my film.”

This is the first Bollywood film where more than forty small and mid-size roles are done by locals. “My film is about Kashmir and Kashmiris only. There is not even a single actor from Jammu or Himachal or any other state.

Referring to yesterday’s incident when shooting was stalled in KU Vishal said, “You have to see it to understand my film. All I can tell you that I tried my best to remain truthful to the subject.”

Vishal said that if everything goes well he will premier his film in Kashmir University campus. “My film is about Kashmir so it should be premiered here only,” said Vishal.

Hyder, is the first Bollywood which will be entirely shot in Kashmir. Shahid Kapoor plays lead character Hyder, who belongs to a middle class Kashmiri family. Veteran Bollywood actress Tabu plays the role of Shahid’s mother, a school teacher.

The film is based on Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet. At the start of the press conference Vishal said, “Kashmir is one of the biggest human tragedies of our times.”

Meanwhile MLA Langate and President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Er. Rashid while condemning the police action on students in Kashmir University has asked the producer of film to understand the difference between film & the reality.

He said, “what so ever the reason could be, but yesterdays incident must be like an eye opener for biased Indian Media, intellectual class & common masses of India, who do never get the real version of happenings in Kashmir.”





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