Flood Victims Nullify Govt Claims, Says No Ration Provided


KL Report


Despite the assurances made by the state authorities over the distribution of free ration among the flood hit people, the affected families are nullifying the government claims- saying no ration has reached to them.

According to the KNS correspondent, several families hit by the recent devastating floods in Srinagar’s Raj Bagh area have accused that no free ration has reached to them by the government and that some youth volunteers have donated 5 kilograms of ration among the people in the past. “We have not received any free ration as has been announced by the government. We don’t know who have received the free rice grains. As far as we are concerned, some youth in the past have brought  5 kilograms of ration in our tents and that is all we have,” said one of the affected family whose house was devastated in floods. The family along with other people of that area are living in tents near to the Jehlum bund.

Also as the temperatures in the ongoing autumn session are continuously dropping and t6he chilling cold is nearing towards this summer capital of the state, the state government is yet to take any measure in rebuilding of the damaged houses and for the relocation of the families hit by the recent floods.

Reports have informed that thousands of flood affected families are spending time sans any shelter and the ‘inaction’ being exhibited by the state authorities is what they term ‘shameful’. “What is the purpose of the government whenthey cannot even relocated us to the places where we could feel secure. Our children and aged parents  shiver due to the cold temperatures during night. No measures are being taken up by the state authorities to mitigate our sufferings,” said Mohammad Abdullah, a Rajbagh resident.

Meanwhile the state authorities when contacted said that speedy and appropriate measures are being taken up for the proper rehabilitation of the flood victims here. The government also maintained that it has already clarified that free ration of the particular quantity is being distributed among the flood affected families.

The divisional commissioner Kashmir Rohit Kansa said that the government has clarified through government orders as well as through personal meetings that all flood affected families are entitled to six months of free ration and a total of 210 kg per ration ticket.


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