PDP Opportunistic, Insensitive, Blind To People’s Suffering: NC

KL Report
National Conference has castigated PDP on demanding early elections calling them opportunists & insensitive to the sufferings of the people of the State due to the recent floods that have devastated the lives, homes, hearths and businesses of hundreds and thousands of the State’s citizens. NC Spokesman Junaid Mattu said that PDP’s amusing desperation for early elections at a time like this had exposed the party’s agenda of obsession with power and self-indulgence at the cost of the common man.
“This is a classic example of PDP being insensitive  towards the sufferings of people. While we are relentlessly working for the relief & rehabilitation of  the people, the opposition is dreaming of power and chair” said the NC Spokesman.
“We wonder what their three MP’s and other MLAs did while floods hit the state? Some of them are yet to be seen in the ground and the people are talking about filing missing persons reports to trace them, the NC Spokesman said adding “While some PDP leaders were enjoying luxury and comfort outside the State and country, the people they desire to represent were fighting against the worst natural calamity in the State’s recent history”.
“Did they contribute even a penny from their MPLAD funds, or even come forward to help the needy,” he asked adding “despite this they have the audacity to say that elections should be conducted immediately? Does PDP have no shame?”
The NC Spokesman said “National Conference wants a democratically elected government  but in view of the situation our singular focus has to be on relief and rehabilitation of the flood-hit areas. We are not power-hungry and self-obsessed like PDP and how PDP has behaved in the last month and a half is a damning indictment of how ruthless, heartless and insensitive PDP is to the sufferings of the people”.
“Our point of view is very clear, if the officers who are busy in assessment of losses, rehabilitation and in reconstruction of the flood hit State were to be used in the electoral process the whole effort of rehabilitation would come to a grinding halt adding to the miseries of the people. While we should be thinking about the safety and comfort of the people in the coming winter, we will be doing a great disservice to them if we thrust elections on them at this point of time, immediately after the were rendered homeless, the NC Spokesman said.
The party leader reiterated that NC has always stood for upholding the democratic process and democratic institutions and will abide by the decision of the Election Commission but in the same breath cautioned that people should not be taken for granted and instead their welfare should be of paramount importance to one and all.



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