Geelani Asks Ban-Ki-Moon To Leave Traditional Excuses On Kashmir

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While expressing anguish and concern over the exchange of heavy firing between the Indo-Pak armies at the ceasefire line and loss of precious lives thereof, Chairman Hurriyat(G) Syed Ali Geelani appealed UN secretary general Ban-Ki-Moon to leave the traditional excuses and come forward to address the Kashmir issue which is a basic reason for the prevailing tension between the India and Pakistan, in accordance to its historical perspective and wishes of its people and play their role in saving this region from a destructive war.

In a statement, Geelani said that if holding referendum is possible in Scotland which was a legal part of England to know the wishes and aspirations of its people then what is wrong in holding the same plebiscites in internationally accepted and acknowledged disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir.

The pro-freedom leader said that the basic reason for the tension between the India and Pakistan from last 6 decades, border disputes and exchange of heavy firing between the armies of the two nations is the disputed nature of Kashmir and until and unless this dispute is not settled the loss of precious human lives will continue to occur and the possibilities of a destructive war between the two nations will always exist.

He said that both the countries are although in possession of dangerous atomic powers and the UNO itself know that what kind and what level of war would it be and how many human lives would be lost in this war. “So it is need of the hour that instead of issuing traditional statements, the UNO should start a serious process which can end this risk of war once for all”.

He said that the recently held referendum in Scotland have proven this notion wrong that the ‘holding plebiscite is not possible in Jammu & Kashmir’ and the ‘UN resolutions have become irrelevant now’. He said that neither was any resolution passed by the UNO about the Scotland nor was it termed as any disputed region but its people demanded referendum and their wishes were honored and they were allowed to decide their future.

Geelani said that we also demand the same thing and our will and our view should also be respected and our standing policy is that whatever the decision will come from the public, we will accept it and we will not resist its implementation.

While expressing deep concern over the exchange of warning statements against each other, hurriyat chairman categorically said that the only thing which is halting the permanent solution to the long pending Kashmir dispute is the rigid and stubborn policies of India and this country want to hold the 15 million population with the help of its military might and it doesn’t respect our wishes, aspirations and

“At the time when the democratic system is gaining popularity all over the world and the passion of basic human rights is becoming common,

the Indian policies are contrary to that and it is itself dishonoring its own claim of being a ‘biggest democracy in the world”, he said. This country is emerging as a ‘Brahman’ society in this twenty-first century and it not only want to continue its forced occupation in  Jammu & Kashmir but it also want to establish its fame and pressure over its neighbouring countries. He said Playing superiority role in the south Asian countries has been its foreign policy and its expansionist designs are clear and open.

Geelani however said that the Kashmiri people will always stand by their just demand and right to self determination and they will never compromise over the freedom struggle. It is better for India to shun the rigid and stubborn attitude and give the people of Kashmir a chance to decide their future and desist from making us forced slaves.


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