Focus on Studies, Don’t Fall Prey to Vested Interests: K-Traders tell NIT Students



NIT Srinagar
NIT Srinagar

Kashmir based traders Thursday said that they have noted with grave concern the events related to trivial issues recently that crept in between the students and the management of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar which is being “fanned out of proportion by the politically motivated vested interest with apparently a nefarious design to rouse the sentiments of local people and cause unrest”.

“Such issues have been occurring among students of institutions like Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU), Filling & Technology Institute Of India (FTII), Hyderabad Central University (HCU), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), MIIT Chennai but the New Delhi based media, both electronic and print, do not present it in the same way as they have been highlighting a small issue between the students and the administration of the NIT Srinagar,” KCC&I statement said in a statement this evening.

“It needs to be appreciated that the NIT Srinagar is situated in lap of the most revered shrine of Hazratbal where a large number of people of all faiths visit regularly and is thus vulnerable to get affected to the extent of immeasurable intensity, with wrong projection of the events taking place in the NIT. The J&K Police have therefore rightly and timely acted to de-escalate the tension that have been brewing in the NIT campus on conflicting issues,” the statement said.

“It needs be noted that there are non-locals/non-Kashmiris in large numbers earning their livelihood in Kashmir and not a single such incident has ever taken place in its history of nearly 60 years. During floods non-Kashmiris were rescued by the locals and moved to safer places to be well looked after which have been acknowledged by them through New Delhi based media time and again. On its face it seems a non-issue but an attempt by the vested interests to create trouble in an ill designed manner which could have for reaching consequences in other parts of India. But Kashmiris will not fall in to this trap,” the statement added.

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry is of the view, the statement said, “if at all it is a law & order problem that may be allowed to be investigated. It is unfair to paint black the people of Kashmir and project them in an ugly negative light. More so, because the ratio of students at NIT Srinagar between locals and outsiders is 30:70% have been all along living in most cordial atmosphere in the NIT, Srinagar.”

In the given scenario the KCC&I appealed the students of the NIT to continue with their education without falling “prey to any intrigue and machination of the enemies of peace and vested political interests as it is in no one’s interest to politicize” the issue which could be resolved by the NIT management and the students community mutually.

Meanwhile, Kashmir based traders claimed that they were denied entry inside National Institute of Technology (NIT) on Wednesday.

“A joint team comprising of Mushtaq Ahmad Wani, President and Gowher Maqbool, Sr Vice President, The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) (KCC&I), Mohammad Yasin Khan, President, Kashmir Traders Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) and Mohammad Ashraf Mir, President, Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK) wanted to visit National Institute of Technology (NIT), Hazratbal, Srinagar so as to use its good offices in defusing the prevailing situation in the Campus. But the team was not allowed by the Government Machinery to enter the NIT,” a statement issued by KCC&I said, “despite its pleadings that the students of the NIT are like their own children and it is a social responsibility of the business organizations which the team was representing, to ensure the students study in peace and tranquillity.”

“The team urged not to politicize the issue and tackle the situation tactfully without use of force and ensure the safety of entire student community and keep politics away from all educational institutions and requested the students to focus on studies and not fall prey to politics,” the statement added.


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