Focus on Studies: Hurriyat Conference (g) Leader tells NIT Students

Ubeer Naqushbandi


Nayeem Ahmad Khan (KL Image courtesy: Mehraj Bhat)
Nayeem Ahmad Khan (KL Image courtesy: Mehraj Bhat)

All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Jammu province head and National Front chairperson, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Thursday asked students of National Institute of Technology (NIT) to “focus on studies and not to get swayed by pseudo- patriotism without knowing about the history of Kashmir problem”.

Addressing media persons at a local hotel here, Khan stressed on the fact “Kashmir is a disputed territory which the then Prime minister of India Pandit JL Nehru accepted and promised plebiscite”.

Khan on the occasion said that history stands testimony to the fact that “Kashmiris are peace loving nation and don’t believe in hooliganism.”

“I have a report according to which some non-local teacher was involved in flaring up cricket match into a major controversy,” he claimed.

He said, “its not new that Kashmiris cheer up whenever India gets defeated and this has been routine from 1947.” “There was no better opportunity for those fanatic forces to en-cash on this readymade opportunity.”

Khan said, “such is the situation that policemen are now labelled as ‘Pak agents’ but when they were killing innocent boys in 2010 agitation , they were patriots for same ‘patriot’ people.”

“5 lakh labourers are earning their livelihood in Kashmir and hundreds of students are studying in B.Ed. Colleges here. They are never harassed or beaten,” he said, “2000 students in NIT can’t jeopardize the whole Kashmir.”

Terming NIT row as a “handiwork” of some media channels, Khan alleged, “these channels are working at the behest of Union Home ministry which want to show Kashmir in bad light.”

Khan also said that Kashmiris are always meted with ‘step-motherly’ treatment. “Kashmiri students were expelled from Mewar University but no team from Ministry of Human Resources Development was sent to enquire about it.”

Castigating government of India, he said, “because the issue is related to non-local students, it is being enquired.”

Khan asked non-local students to concentrate on studies “not fell prey to the evil designs of fanatic forces”.

Khan further said, “Kashmir has never accepted Tri-colour and it has only flourished under the patronage of forces.”


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