SRINAGAR: The Udhampur Administration has issued a notice to Maqbool Hussain, the former Storekeeper at Latti, for the recovery of Rs 31.53 lakh in arrears of land revenue. Acting on the directions of the District Magistrate, the Tehsildar of Latti has initiated the proceedings to recover the shortages amounting to over 2732 quintals of food grains.

Maqbool Hussain, who is currently attached to the Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA) in Jammu, allegedly committed the shortages during his tenure as Storekeeper at Latti. The discrepancies came to light during a physical verification of the Food Store in Latti, conducted by a committee appointed by the Assistant Director of FCS&CA, Udhampur.

Several recovery notices were issued by the Assistant Director to Maqbool Hussain, urging him to remit the outstanding amount within the specified timeframe. However, he failed to comply with the demands. In light of this, the Assistant Director of FCS&CA, Udhampur, wrote a letter to the Deputy Commissioner, requesting the recovery of the due amount as arrears of land revenue.

Taking immediate action based on the report, the District Magistrate of Udhampur has initiated the recovery process by issuing a notice to Maqbool Hussain, the former Storekeeper at the Food Store in Latti. The notice warns that if the defaulter does not deposit the outstanding amount, his property will be attached and auctioned to recover the dues.

This action by the Udhampur Administration highlights its commitment to ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of public resources. The authorities are determined to recover the arrears of land revenue and hold those responsible for the shortages accountable.


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