Former Interlocutor Says, ‘Certain Army Groups Oppose Int’l Aid To Pour In Kashmir’

KL Report


Former interlocutor and Chief Information Commissioner M.M.Ansari Tuesday revealed that there are few groups in Army establishment who do not want international agencies to supply aid to flood victims of Valley as according to him such groups have apprehensions that these foreign agencies may disturb the ‘peace and tranquil’ atmosphere of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

“There are numerous people in India who support the views of Kashmiri leaders that Union Government should allow international aid and assistance in the flood-affected J&K, saying that it is not capable of handling relief and rehabilitation work of such magnitude. However, certain groups in Indian Army establishment feel that allowing international agencies to operate in a conflict zone like Kashmir will have adverse effect on Indian policy on Kashmir,” Ansari told Srinagar based news agency CNS adding that the magnitude of destruction is huge and even if the Government of India wishes to help, it cannot do so.

He said that one fails to understand why these groups are adamant when they are aware of this fact that there are various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) operating in Kashmir who are receiving foreign aid from different international agencies. “We must encourage foreign agencies to aid and assist the flood victims of Kashmir valley. Government of India should constitute a Central Committee, which could look into these affairs. All misgivings about the inflow of foreign aid to Kashmir are unfounded,” he said adding that even Pakistan received aid in billions to reconstruct and rebuild other part of Kashmir when it was hit by earthquake in 2005.

Ansari told CNS that there are various foreign agencies which are apolitical in nature. “Government of India should feel no hesitation seeking help from them to rebuild Kashmir. All the countries accept aid from any quarter when they are hit by natural calamities,” he said adding that it will be better for New Delhi to monitor everything, whatever funding comes to J&K, but it must allow the international aid to come.


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