This Friday assembly runs for 10 hours

Aakash Hassan    


KL Image by Aakash Hassan

On Friday, the proceedings in the state Legislative Assembly continued for more than ten hours as the house discussed on grants to Animal Husbandry and Fisheries department in its first sitting and Health & Medical Education department in its second sitting.

The proceedings of the house started at 10 am and continued till 1 pm, discussing grants to Animal Husbandry and Fisheries department.

At 1 pm the house took a break for lunch and mandatory Friday prayers till 3 pm. By that time 26 speakers laid down their complaints and suggestions to the concerned minister.

As the second session begun at 3 pm legislators started discussing on the cut motions. 46 legislators discussed on different issue.

The last speaker, before minister of the department Bali Bhagat responded to the grants, was the PDP lawmaker Javaid Mustafa Mir.

Mir was not in the list of the speakers but, as he opposed the decision to prolong the timing, most of the members opposed him.

“Now I will also speak and have patience to listen,” Mustafa said with the warning note.

Parliamentary affairs minister, Abul Rehman Veeri, while appreciating the elongated proceeding said that, we have to give time to every member to speak.

Minister Bali Bhagat, termed the session as longest ever.

“This is for the first time in my life that I have listened for 7 hours continuously, with complete attention,” Bhagat said.

Meanwhile, the legislators also demanded that the arrangement for lunch should be made by the house.  MLA Wachi, Aijaz Mir was however seen demanding Dinner.

Some members also demanded that Saturday should be marked off.

Not only the legislators, top officials of the government including Commissioner Secretary M K Bandari and Directors of Kashmir and Jammu region, besides other members were also present, throughout the session.

Till the last hour, 40 members of the house were present. But only four journalists were seen covering the proceedings till late hours.

The Grants for the department of Health and Medical Education were passed at 10:27 pm.



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