GB Pant MS Accused Of Misbehavior

KL Report


While accusing the medical superintendent (MS) of the G B Pant Children’s Hospital of misbehaving with her, an elderly female attendant today demanded immediate action against the doctor.

“I was waiting outside ward number 3 for my son. My granddaughter was admitted there. The medical superintendent came and abused me for carrying a blanket in my hand. Before I could leave the hospital, he kicked me on the shoulder in front of everyone, which caused severe mental and physical disrespect”, Shamima,70, of Fateh Kadal told a local news agency, KNS.

“I am a mother, a grandmother and a respectable senior citizen and misbehaviour by MS has adversely affected my mind and conscience”, she said.

 “It is not its first kind of act. MS could be often seen misbehaving and harassing attendants especially females without any reason or logic ”, said another attendant who accompanied the woman.

When contacted MS, GB Pant Hospita, Dr Muneer Masood said, “These allegations are baseless. I only asked her not to carry a blanket and not to contaminate the hospital”.

He said that to direct and advice attendants for keeping hospital clean is necessary in order to save babies from getting infected.


  1. What the MS is saying about cleanliness; ask him to wash his face in the bathroom of ward no.3.I assure everybody that he will deny from doing that…Also the latrines of wards are too much dirty.I was there with my nephew for almost 5days what i see in these days is totally rubbish.In addition the staff is totally irresponsible towards their job they are treating the childs like cats and dogs especially nursing staff…


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