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Hurriyat (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Friday said that he is arriving Srinagar on Wednesday, March 6. He was telephonically addressing a protest rally held at Shopian, the southern apple town, after Friday prayers.

A huge but peaceful protest was held in Shopian, which concluded at a telephonic address by Geelani. He announced that if allowed by Delhi police, he will be arriving Srinagar on March 6. “You know that I am being arrested at the airport whenever I reach Srinagar, these are the tactics of the occupying forces to keep me out from the people,” Geelani said, adding, “you must not feel disheartened by such tactics. Remember that presently we all have one point agenda, and that is to get back the mortal remains of Afzal Guru who was cruelly and cowardly martyred by India.”

Geelani praised the people of Shopian for their “support to the freedom struggle”. He said, “You are praiseworthy because you have not sold your sentiments against small worldly benefits. The people of Kashmir want independence and I assure you that India has to listen to our demand but the only condition is that we must show steadfastness.” Geelani quoted many Quranic verses to explain his point.

Geelani said that Kashmiri people must remember those who lost their lives in the ongoing movement. Terming Afzal Guru, an “oppressed hero” Geelani said that people must not give up the demand for the return of his mortal remains. He alleged that Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into a “Police State” and particularly the youth are being harassed so the voices against the “oppression” are gagged.

Earlier, three processions appeared in the Gole Chowk of Shopian starting from different parts of the town. The protesters were raising anti India and pro-freedom slogans. They were shouting slogans in favor of the return of the body of Afzal Guru.

Guru was hanged and buried in Tihar jail Delhi, on February 9, since then the situation of the Kashmir valley is very tense. Separatist groups and parties have even formed a “joint advisory council” to head the agitation against the hanging of Afzal. The separatists are united in the demand of the return of his body.



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