Geelani calls for Shut Down, Boycott of Govt Functions on Jan 26



geelani-pic-saveWhile terming the 26 January as “black day” for Kashmiris, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani appealed for complete state wide shut down and boycott of the government functions on this day.

“India is claiming to be a largest democratic country in the world and celebrates 26 January as its republic day but its democratic claims are being badly exposed in Jammu & Kashmir wherein this country is denying the democratic right of the people of this troubled state from last 68 years,” he said.

In a statement to KNS on Thursday, Geelani said that the Kashmiris are nether the enemies of India nor its people and nor are they opposed to their Republic day celebrations within the limitations of Indian Territory but as far as the Kashmir is concerned, “it is although an occupied territory held by India with the help of its military might so, they have no constitutional and moral justifications to celebrate these functions on the soil of Jammu & Kashmir because we see no sign of its democracy here visible on the ground”.

He said that the UN Charter supports the Right to Self Determination of every nation of the world and this right has been accepted as the basic and birth right of every human being.

“This world body has recommended that the wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu & Kashmir should be respected and India has promised at national as well as international levels that they will hold a referendum in this state but those promises are yet to be fulfilled and the people of this state are being denied their democratic right,” he said. “It is the only reason for our opposition to hold this function of 26 January in Jammu & Kashmir and we treat it as a big joke with the democracy.”

While appealing for complete boycott of the 26 January function, Hurriyat (g) Chairperson also appealed the “school children, teachers and parents not to be any part of the 26 January function and perform your national duty by staying away from this”.

He also expressed his concern over the reports that “some school girls are being prepared for the singing and dancing programs for this day”. “It doesn’t suit to a conscience person to allow his daughter for performing dance and singing acts in front of the unknown persons. It is also against our collective conscience.”


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