Geelani Castigates GOI For Blocking International Aid

KL Report


Huriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Thursday asked people to maintain discipline in the hour of great need and catastrophic situations prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir at present.

Geelani while talking to KNS appreciated the efforts of locals while extending help to the victims hit by floods at large. He stated that the youth must prioritized their efforts in bringing respite to the victims and running of the relief camps across Jammu and Kashmir.  “All sections of Kashmir must come forward and discharge their moral duties on ground so that joint efforts could be made to cope up with the crises,” Geelani told KNS.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued to KNS, expressing deep sorrow on the death and destruction by recent floods Geelani has said that we should not be discouraged and should face this eventuality jointly as a brave and honourable nation. “Those who are safe from floods have a high moral as well human responsibility to help their brethren in this hour of distress. while applauding the youth for their tiresome efforts in rescue and relief,” said Geelani, adding that  all the work should be done in discipline and obedience, so that relief victims are helped in a dignified manner.

“On the first day of the floods we appealed to the international community including United Nations, UNICEF, OIC and other Muslim countries for urgent relief. We got a positive and warm response and many people outside were more than eager to send relief, but arrogant and biased Indian establishment did not allow that aid to reach us, thereby proving that they always wanted us to be treated as their own slaves,” Geelani said.


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