Geelani chairs Hurriyat (G)’s marathon meeting, says ‘our mission has blessings of Allah’


Chairman of his faction, Syed Ali Geelani Sunday chaired marathon executive meeting (Majlis Shora) of Hurriyat (G) at Hyderpora. The meeting spokesman said was attended by other constituent parties as well.

The participants, spokesman said reviewed and discussed the prevailing grim situation in state including “incessant braid chopping incidents, incompetence of authorities, varying and confusing statements with regards to Kashmir issue.”

Syed Ali Geelani

The executive council members expressed their satisfaction over the guidance of Syed Ali Geelani.
Spokesman said “it was observed that Indian authorities instead of implementing a realistic and political approach for the resolution of issue, are following their obsessive dogma.”

Blaming police authorities for their “hooliganism”, the participants said that police during raids are arresting pro-freedom people on fictitious charges and while ridiculing the statement of General Bipin Rawat, wherein he has said that braid chopping is not an important issue, Hurriyat executive council said that it is a direct assault on modesty and dignity of women.

‘’If they (authorities) feel that these criminals need not to be nabbed or checked, then why are they claiming to protect and safeguard the dignity and honour of people’’, asked Hurriyat.

Commenting over the controversial statements of Indian officials and authorities, regarding negotiations and Kashmir issue, executive council members held that varying statements are being floated, while some are favouring a comprehensive debate and on the other a few quarters come with their own theory, saying that there is no need for dialogue.

The executive council while paying their salute to prisoners said that we are indebted to their sacrifices as it is because of their valued contribution and sacrifices, we get an inspiration and freedom movement is rejuvenated.
Geelani in his presidential address, said that “these repressive and coercive measures won’t dampen our sentiments, nor will break our resolve” and added that ‘’we and our mission being on righteous tack, has full sustenance and blessings of Almighty Allah”.

“History stands witness to the fact that right-based movements never fail, however tyrant forces vanish and stand nowhere,” said Geelani.

Geelani further said that National Conference and likewise party stand responsible for the present confusion and chaos and unfortunately some people instead of supporting right cause are allying with these wrongdoers.
“Our struggle for achieving right to self-determination is based on right and sacred ideology,” said Geelani, saying millions have offered their sacred sacrifices while nourishing this mission with their blood.

Directing all constituents of amalgam, Geelani stressed for unity and increasing public relations, saying we should encourage people for their commitment.

“Guarantee lies while following teachings laid by Islam,” said Geelani and added that “Almighty Allah suffice us and youth serve as an asset for our cherished movement.”



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