Higher reaches of Bhaderwah in Chenab Valley receive season’s first snowfall

M Majid Malik


With moderate showers, lightening and winds, weather suddenly took a turn in Bhaderwah area of Chenab valley as season’s first snowfall was witnessed in higher reaches including Kailash Kund and Sonbhai with the mercury plunging, giving signs of onset of the winter season here on Sunday.

The sight of first snow in Bhaderwah (KL Image: M Majid Malik)

As per the details pouring in, moderate rainfall was witnessed in the evening hours which continued for over one hour bringing an end to the month long dry period. Besides rainfall, wind and lightening also gave a dramatic turn to the weather in some areas .Over the past two days, the weather in Bhaderwah is experiencing change and cold at dawn and dusk has increased and the prevailing cold is as a result of snow in higher reaches.

Meanwhile, people in Bhadewrah and other parts of the erstwhile Doda district have started preparations for upcoming winter season which stretches up to February ending from November and the residents of plains are donning sweaters and jackets to fight cold.



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