Geelani demands reopening of Shopian case

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Paying tributes to Asiya and Neelofar on their fifth anniversary, chairman Huriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani Sunday called for a complete shutdown on 30th May in District Shopian, appealing people to held prayer meeting in mosques for peace to their souls on that day.

According to a statement, the senior separatist leader demanded that the double rape and murder case of Asiya and Neelofar should be reopened and that the Shopian ‘tragedy’ that occurred five years back have shaken the conscience of the people of the valley and the same cannot be neglected in anyway.

“Geelani Sahab also remembered another daughter of Kashmir Tabinda Gani with sad heart and while demanded the stern and immediate punishment to the culprits, said that justice delayed is justice denied. He expressed his dismay over the way the case is being listed in court and said that the judicial proceedings are going at a snail’s pace in Tabinda Gani’s case which is a mental as well as physical torture for her family,” reads the statement.

The Huriyat (G) chairman accused  that the women in Jammu and Kashmir are extremely misbehaved and abused at the hands of forces and the women of this region are subjected to the unbearable ‘cruelties’ by these ‘foreign’ forces.

Geelani said that Umar Abdullah also played a role to save the accused and on the 2nd day of the Shopian carnage, when even primary investigation were not started, he declared that the victims had drowned into the stream. “When investigation was started on public pressure, it was very late then and the culprits were successful in destroying the evidence.”

Geelani said that the people of Kashmir are not satisfied with the investigations of that case and are still waiting for fair trail and demanding that the persons involved in that ‘heinous’ crime should be dealt with firm hands and they should be brought to books for their wrong doings.

“The reason for remembering this day every year and this day is celebrated as a mark of protest against all these tragedies which were meted out to the female section of this region from last 65 years. Hurriyat chairman demanded re-open and re-investigation into the double murder and rape case of Asiya and Neelofar and said that the past investigations neither consulted justice nor took the collective conscious of the people into consideration,” reads the issued statement.

Meanwhile Huriyat (G) chairman according to the spokesman also expressed concern and anguish over the slow pace of judicial proceedings with respect to the Tabinda Gani case and demanded that the persons involved in murder of this innocent girl should be brought the books quickly so that her family will get relief. Geelani has appealed the human rights organizations to take serious notice of the miseries of women in Jammu and Kashmir and play their role in punishing the war crime criminals who are rooming freely under government security cover despite committing ‘heinous crimes of rape and murders’.


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