Geelani hopes Pakistan’s ‘demilitarization offer’ would be reciprocated by India


Hurriyat (G) Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday said that meaningful talks based on a clear agenda underlined by sincerity among the three stakeholders are an assured and peaceful way to resolve the conflict of Kashmir in all its forms and dimensions.”

The spokesman in a statement while welcoming the statement of Pakistan, wherein they have said that demilitarization of troops in Jammu Kashmir, would lead to resolution of the vexed issue, Geelani hoped that it is aimed at bringing lasting peace in South Asia. Geelani said that we hope that Pakistan’s ” demilitarization offer, optimism, the spirit of flexibility would be reciprocated by India, to open new vistas of cooperation, resolution of all issues and particularly Kashmir issue in accordance with aspirations of people.

Hailing Pakistan for its clear Kashmir policy, Geelani said that now it is India to reciprocate and added they should come clear on demilitarization offer of Pakistan.

Geelani said demilitarization in Kashmir would improve the atmosphere and conditions for the Kashmiris, who he alleged are subjected to continuous violence by government forces.

We have invested heavily in our struggle for our right to self-determination and cannot afford to be part of an ambiguous effort that has no clarity and direction,” Geelani added, saying Indian leadership should shun their stubborn, haughty and colonial attitude and come forward for sorting out all issues particularly Kashmir issue, it added.

Syed Ali Geelani called for an end to the hostility between India, Pakistan, saying that composite dialogue between all stake holders will definitely make an end to hostility between two nuclear countries and will open avenues for peace and reconciliation in South Asia.


  1. Geelani what Guarantee that once India removes it’s troupe Pak will not use the opportunity. Gilani you also cannot be trusted as in the past you have stabbed India in the back. Gilani you are too old and shall sit at home sipping tea waiting for the death.


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