Geelani Reacts To Omar

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While reacting to the statement of chief minister Omar Abdullah wherein he claimed Syed Ali Geelani is threat to peace, the Hurriyat Conference Chairman has strongly criticised it and termed it as ‘childish and absurd’.GEELANI_292921e

As per a statement Geelani has said, “Omer Abdullah while defending his steps with respect to my unconstitutional detention has made his position ridiculous.” And added that unless the Kashmir dispute is resolved as per aspiration of people of Jammu and Kashmir there are least chances of prevalence of peace and political stability in state.

“Omer Abdullah is a raw and inexperienced and he does not know how to face political ideologies”, Geelani has said while terming his detention as an act of ‘political retribution’.

Geelani has also claimed in his statement that Omer Abdullah has virtually accepted political defeat and has added that they are left with no option except the use of ‘force’, as they are not in a position to face people. “India with its power of arrogance has suppressed the ambitions and my stand with respect to Kashmir dispute is unambiguous and there is nothing to hide and since I represent the aspirations of people, always stress and plead for peaceful and lasting resolution of Kashmir dispute and as per resolution accorded by international community.”

While referring to the politics of Sheikh Dynasty, Geelani has said, “They for their mean interests and lust for power received   Indian forces as blissful birds and exploited the nation on plebiscite front for more than 22 years”. And added, “Late Bakhshi Gh Mohammad too was reluctant to set free and allow Sheikh Abdullah to venture, saying that he was a threat to peace and triggers law and order problem. History repeats itself and the Omer Abdullah is following the footsteps of Late Bakhshi Gh Mohammad and has waged a war against people and pro freedom leadership.”

Geelani has blamed the instrument of accession for creating instability and law and order situation in state and “since then the honour, dignity, religion and political status is at stack and people are striving for their survival.”

Geelani has also challenged Omer Abdullah and asked him, “If he wishes that we too should follow the same way he did, then he is mistaken. We are not sailable items like him and would never bow before the arrogance of power.”


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