Geelani reiterates 5 conditions for dialogue


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The Huriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Sunday reiterated his stand over the offer of talks being made to the separatist leadership here, saying for dialogue with the separatist leadership release of all political prisoners, scrapping of black laws and New Delhi’s acceptance of Kashmir as a dispute is important and non negotiable.

Talking to KNS, the senior separatist leader said, “In August 2010, Hurriyat had set five conditions for opening the channel of talks with the New Delhi over the resolution of Kashmir. Until those conditions aren’t met, no talks shall be held.”

“We had demanded release of all political prisoners, scarping of black laws from Jammu and Kashmir, withdrawal of forces, punishment to those involved in killing of 128 people in 2010 and India must declare Kashmir as a disputed territory openly. We are on our stand. Till these conditions aren’t met, the dialogue will be a futile exercise,” the octogenarian separatist leader said.

Geelani added that dialogue must be held for the cause and not just a ‘time consuming exercise’

Over the release of Masarat Alam, he remarked the uproar over setting free the Muslim League leader was uncalled for as his release was purely a legal matter. “After serving more than four years of detention, the court had rejected all cases against Alam. It was shocking to see that such an issue was being discussed in Indian parliament with the people there saying that the country is in danger due to Alam’s release. How could one man be a danger for the country that has deployed more than seven lakh troops in Kashmir?” asked Geelani, while demanding that all the political prisoners serving detention in and outside Jammu and Kashmir must be freed sans any further delay.

“Those serving life sentences must be released. There is no justification over the detention of our youth. It is the vendetta carried by India against the people of Kashmir,” he said.

Reacting over the reports that the state government was likely to consider the report submitted by the interlocutors earlier, the Huriyat (G) chairman said, “Any such report will do no good to Kashmir dispute and that his conglomerate has already rejected any such option. Till you don’t resolve Kashmir, all such exercises will be futile.”

Talking over the unity within the pro-freedom camp in Kashmir, Geelani said ‘unity with principles and conviction is far better and everlasting than the mere unity of heads.’

Refusing to divulge further information, the senior separatist leader said unity for the principle can be an acceptable entity than the unity of people hailing from various parties.

The Huriyat (G) chairman also termed the uproar over the state flag and constitution a non- issue, saying such debates and discussions are being staged to divert the attention from the real cause and that for him, the state flag and constitution carries no importance till the real cause is not addressed.


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