Geelani says, ‘Pakistan PM Mentioned Our Wishes, Aspirations, Miseries in UN’



geelani-pic-saveHurriyat patriarch and chairperson of his faction, Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday, according to his party statement, “showered lots of praises over the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) address of the Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif.” The statement said that Geelani reiterated his demand for “complete demilitarization of Jammu & Kashmir”.

He said, “by mentioning wishes, aspirations and miseries of the Kashmiri people on the stage of this world body, the Pakistan Prime Minister has encouraged the subjugated people of this state and informed the world leaders about the history and prevailing situation of the Kashmir.”

In a statement issued to the press, Hurriyat (g) chairperson said, “the United Nations Organization has damaged its credibility by not fulfilling its responsibility in addressing the Kashmir issue and this institution has failed so far to come up to the expectations of the poor and subjugated nations of the world which they had attached with it at the time of its incorporation.”

Terming the reformation and restructuring of UNO as immediate need of the time, Geelani said, “the special veto powers of the five nations has made this institution a non-beneficial and helpless entity and serious human and political issues are pending and awaiting their resolutions for the economic interests of these nations.”

“Kashmir is the longest pending dispute present in the UNO charter and a big human population in this region is miserably suffering from different hardships and difficulties due to the lingering of this issue. The United Nations General Assembly had although passed 18 resolutions favouring Right to Self Determination for the Kashmiri people but due to the certain political reasons this institution failed to implement its resolutions here,” Geelani said.

“Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif adopted a realistic stand in UNGA by speaking about the persistent failure of the United Nations with regarding to the resolution of the Kashmir dispute and he spoke boldly there,” he added.

Supporting the demand of Mian Nawaz Sharif Sahab for complete “demilitarization of Kashmir”, the pro-freedom leader said, “Jammu & Kashmir is the highest militarized region in the world and Indian forces are committing serious kinds of war crimes here. During the last 25 years, the occupational forces of India have killed more than one lakh people of this region and the same number of people has been subjected to the worst kind of custodial torture. Ten thousand people have been subjected to forced custodial disappearance and another 10 thousand have been killed in custody of the Indian forces. Indian army are using the rape as war weapon and till date 7500 women has been raped or molested here.”

“The presence of the Indian occupational forces in Jammu & Kashmir will continue to endanger the precious human lives and the human rights violations will also continue to occur. The world body has a responsibility to play its role in the demilitarization process in Jammu & Kashmir so that the people of this region can freely express their will and choice. It is the most practicable and democratic solution of the Kashmir dispute and its solution is the only key to bring peace and stability to the entire South Asian region and it can also protect it from the further destruction,” Geelani said.


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