Pakistan PM Presented ‘True Picture’ of Kashmir at UN: Hizb Chief



Terming the “brave stance” taken by Pakistan Prime Minister on the floor of UN General Assembly session as ‘realistic’, conglomerate of militant organizations, United Jihad Council (UJC) Thursday said the historic speech of Nawaz Sharif with regard to Kashmir not only “won the hearts of millions of Kashmiri people but has also strengthen their resolve to fight against occupational Indian forces”.

In a statement to CNS, spokesperson of UJC, Syed Sadaqat while quoting Council Chief Syed Sallahuddin said, “India should shun its intransigence and accept reality that Kashmir is a long pending dispute which needs to be resolved.” “UN resolutions provide legal and historical basis to Kashmir issue but unfortunately the criminal silence and duplicity from the international community has added to the woes and sufferings of the Kashmiri people,” he said.

Syed Sallahuddin said, “Pakistan Prime Minister represented the sentiments of Kashmiri people in a true manner and he revealed the truth about present Kashmir in the UN General Assembly. He said that UN failure to resolve the Kashmir issue has resulted in three wars between India and Pakistan and the martyrdom of thousands of people in Kashmir.”

“The state terrorism in Kashmir has touched new heights. Different tactics and strategies are being adopted to muzzle and choke the voice and freedom of pro-freedom people in Indian occupied Kashmir. Demilitarization of the region is the only way to put an end to state terrorism,” he said.

While reiterating that “freedom struggle will continue till it is not taken to its logical end”, Sallahuddin said, “bilateral dialogue is not any solution to Kashmir issue.” “So far, over 155 bilateral dialogues have failed. People of Jammu and Kashmir are the real representatives and without making them part of the dialogue, no dialogue process will succeed,” he said and warned if International community will not act, Kashmir issue will prove disastrous for the world peace.


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