Geelani Slams Police Chief’s Remarks, Reiterates Appeal For Election Boycott


KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Tuesday slammed police chief for his statement wherein he had asserted to crush anti election campaign of pro-freedom camp.

Commenting over his statement, Geelani in a statement declared “it as an act of state terrorism and     barbaric act on part of state administration.”

“It has proved beyond doubt that elections are being held under the shadow of gun and these elections in no way can be called as peaceful and democratic. These elections are fraud and are manipulated with the help of police and forces. It is police and forces that they tarnished and brought disgrace to these so-called elections,” Geelani alleged.

“India with its deceptive politics and under the garb of sham elections, installed its stooges that bargained against the aspirations of people. In a well-planned understating with these politicians, they were let free to amass huge wealth and they resorted to loot and plunder. They need a few stooges,” he claimed.

While referring to pro-Indian politicians, Geelani said, “Delhi and state police encourage all these chameleons.”

Terming Kashmir a police state, he said, “Police and politicians, both are in league .It is better to handover all affairs to police as all the way they are  the key masters at the helm of state affairs.”

While strongly lashing at police and forces, Geelani said, “Politicians backed by these, were rejected by people and it is reason they face resentment in every nook and corner of state. It is writing on wall that despite turning Ganderbal and Bandipora into an army garrison, the people and youth protested and expressed their resentment. It is an eye-opener for pro Indian parties and we pay our gratitude for people of Bandipora and Ganderbal,”

Geelani reiterated his appeal for election boycott and called to protests in other districts on the day of elections. “We should not give our spirits,” he said and while strongly criticizing the fresh arrest spree, expressed his hope and in his assurance, said that despite all these “arbitrary measures, we will succeed in our mission for freedom.”


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